For those who want to explore Northern California on their terms and at their own pace, Concord, California, has the perfect blend of natural beauty, outdoor recreation, hospitality, comfort, cultural assets, music and shopping that provides an ideal location from which to unplug, unwind and explore all that the Bay Area, and surrounding region, has to offer.

Source – Visit Concord




Just one day in Concord is an opportunity to taste flavors from across the globe. With 25 different global cuisines, the diverse food scene takes you across the country, without even leaving the state. Local chefs raise the bar by creating dishes and menus that keep travelers and locals coming back for more. Come for the food and stay for the culture here in Concord.
When it comes to beer, Concord is the hot spot for tap houses and home to brewery Epidemic Ales. The Concord beer trail features four brew hubs tailored to providing some of the best brews around!


Concord is a true northern California original. It has a vibe that’s all its own. Concord is simple, unique and before you know it, you’re caught up in moments and experiences that you can’t find anywhere else in Northern California.

It could be a hike to the summit of Mt. Diablo to catch a brilliant sunset over the Bay. It might be the friends you make while discovering a new favorite beer when exploring our thriving craft beer culture. It might even be finding a home away from home as you make an excursion into wine country. From diversity in dining to vibrant music and nightlife around every corner, you’ll find a singular sense of harmony.


From updating your style, to home improvement and everywhere in between, Concord is your hub. Concord is home to three shopping centers that have stores and restaurants highlighting the essentials. Concord’s one shopping mall, the Sunvalley Shopping Center, has over 100 stores to choose from the complete your look! Shop til’ you drop as you navigate your way through our fabulous mall and shopping centers. You won’t be disappointed with the wide selection of clothing stores.